Coming soon: a publication about Agnès Limbos and Object Theatre


Publication project on the work of Agnes Limbos and Object Theatre
Writing in progress… in collaboration with Les Éditions de l’œil in Paris

Veronika Mabardi: Author
Agnès Limbos: Co-author
Antoine Blanquart: Illustrator
Alice Piemme : Photographer
French-English translator: To be determined
Freddy De Naes and Gaël Teicher (Éditions de l’œil) : Publishers
Julie Feltz: Production and Archiving Manager
Sylviane Evrard: Administration and coordination

You will find in it a biographical section, covering the various events that have made Agnès the artist she is today. Another part will develop the creative process, sneaking into Agnès Limbos’ atelier. From the workspace, this part will concretely question the way in which she creates her shows. The third part will study Agnes Limbos’ report on object theatre in particular. A reflection on this singularity: objects, in a space that changes status as creations progress, with or without partners. What is the specificity of Object Theatre in the theatrical field?

Other materials will be used in the composition of the book, to resonate with the text: a glossary, an inventory of the objects accumulated in the atelier, a logbook of subjective observation on the repetitions of the last creation, notes on the transmission, etc….

You will discover it in 2019!

Alice Pemme/AML copyright