There is nothing in my life that shows that I am ugly on the inside

Création 2021
Show for general audiences, 14 and up

Lenght: 1h20

A woman in a fur coat.

Her body lying on the ground.

On the kitchen floor.

Her sole baggage, a handbag, a handkerchief and a lipstick.

She only has one shoe.

A voice addresses her, questions her, provokes her.

It is the beginning of a series of disjoint moments, random pieces of a puzzle that we try to put together from clues which we do not know if they are imaginary or not, fragments of destinies and of deaths.

At once playful and dramatic.

The piece investigates the identity of a woman. She is lost. One and multiple, she performs, before our eyes, the theatrical autopsy of her life.

The shoe, is it under the bathtub?

Agnes Limbos has always been passionate about the power of the objet as an actor in its own right and about the actor’s ability to manipulate it.

The kitchen table, at a corner of the stage, becomes a miniature of that stage where the manipulated objects reconstitute everyday scenes.

The objects serve to tell stories, others evoke souvenirs or stimulate the memory….

Concept and Actor Agnès Limbos

Writing collaboration and Actor Pierre Sartenaer

Regard and Artistic collaboration Simon Thomas

Lighting design & technician Nicolas Thill

Sound design Guillaume Istace

Extras Coach Anastasia Guevel

Aid during the creative process Claire Farah, Françoise Colpé, Joël Bosmans, Nicolas Thill, Pieter Boucher, Javier Packer, Astrid Howard

Administration and production Sylviane Evrard

Invaluable collaboration during the initial phase of creation Christophe Sermet and Yannick Renier


Production Compagnie Gare Centrale | Co-production Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionettes – Charleville-Mézières, FR | Le Bateau Feu – Scène nationale Dunkerque, FR | marionNEttes – festival international – Neuchâtel, CH | Escher Theater – Esch-sur-Alzette, LU | Théâtre de Liège – Liège, BE | IMAGINALE 2022 – Internationales Theatrefestival animierter Formen – DE | In partnership with the Westflügel – Leipzig, DE | the Compagnie du Vendredi – Brussels, BE | the Théâtre Varia – Brussels, BE.


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