Here is the description of the different types of laboratories that Agnes can give.

The duration and place depend on the organizers: it can go from 2 days to several weeks. The target audience may be arts school students or professionals (artists or teachers).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in hosting a laboratory in your institution or place.

The actor and the object

For the past 25 years, Agnes Limbos has developed a form of intimate theatre using objects as tools of expression of a singular poetry. The actor-creator is at the centre; it is she who proposes her vision of the world.

It is a “theatre d’auteur.”

Through imagination, curiosity, know-how on the one hand, and exercises, individual or collective improvisations on the other hand, Agnès Limbos proposes to participants to explore together this particular form of theatre where the object is manipulated in view of the audience and the actor is at the centre of the theatrical space.

The body and the object

Agnès Limbos and Nicole Mossoux

An “exploratory“ laboratory, which, by means of warm-ups, improvisations and personal explorations, involves prolonging the movement through the material, and learning to perceive what the material reflects back to us: to decode the signs, by seeking the relationships of power and complicity which can be established between the living and the inanimate. The object will be approached through its singular poetry: object-metaphor, symbolic, suggestive.

Object theatre makes its own film

Agnès Limbos and Guillaume Istace

A laboratory to explore the particular worlds that can be born by bringing together on the stage the actor-manipulator, objects and/or sounds.

Sound, noises, atmospheres.

What is the place of sound in object theatre?

How to transcribe ambiences, atmospheres?

Sound as a creative partner, as a support for the acting, as a means to elevate the imagination.

We borrow from cinematographic terminology the creation of a storyboard: a description sequence by sequence but also the idea of a close-up, traveling, zoom, fixed point.