Where did you get that show?


By Agnès Limbos and Veronika Mabardi

Translated by Eleanor Margolies

How are childhood memories, the smell of coffee and May 1968 connected? How are politics and power brought together in a found object, something picked up in a charity shop and placed on a table in front of an audience? How do we create a world through these small objects?

Object theatre is as old as storytelling itself. In its contemporary form, object theatre is a fusion of the verbal and visual with close links to performance art. Often seen as an experimental branch of puppet theatre with exponents around the world, it is reaching new audiences in the UK with Complete Works: Tabletop Shakespeare from Forced Entertainment.

Where did you get that show? shines a light on the process of creating a new performance, the history of object theatre and the sources of the distinctive theatrical voice of Agnès Limbos of the Belgian company Gare Centrale. Richly illustrated with production photographs and drawings, the book will be of particular interest to theatre-makers and students of theatre, performance and the visual arts.


Originally published as

Tu L’as Trouvé Où Ce Spectacle?

by Editions de l’Œil, Paris (2019), 271pp. ISBN: 9782351372777

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