by and with Agnès Limbos

première 2017

short theatre piece for actor, objects and music – 25 minutes

family show, 12 months and older

audience capacity: 55 spectators (babies and adults included)

A free interpretation inspired by the tragedies, comedies and the world of Shakespeare; a show in old English for babies and their families.

Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth,A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear

The adults will recognize the Shakespeare’s intrigues while the children, still virgin of all clichés, dive into a show that is at once narrative, fun, poetical and musical.

Compositions and piano accompaniment: Joachim Caffonnette

Dramaturgic accompaniment: Sabine Durand

Lighting Design: Jean-Jacques Deneumoustier

Set Design: Sophie Carlier

Construction: Alexandre Herman

Costumes and hats: Françoise Colpé

Technician: Nicolas Thill, Joël Bosmans (alternating)

A production of the Compagnie Gare Centrale in co-production with the Théâtre de la Guimbarde. With support from the Montagne Magique (Brussels, BE), the Théâtre de a Licorne (Dunkerque, FR) as part of their artist in residence programme and the SABAM.

Critics’ Prize 2018 (Belgium) in the category “Best show for young audience”

Agenda of the show