by and with Agnès Limbos

with the precious collaboration of Marie Kateline Rutten during the writing

premiere 2002

for general audiences, 7 and up

audience capacity: 150 spectators

If we consider that billions of individuals live on this earth, hundreds of billions of animals and billions of billions of blades of grass

If we take into account the number of dreamers and the number of lakes

If we look at the seasons, the weather, the calm and the storm

What are the chances that we can bring together at quarter to midnight, in the middle of winter, on a frozen lake, a being rendered fragile by life, two springtimes, black, icy thoughts, a generous man wearing a coat in imitation racoon, a great desire for love… ?

What are the chances?

Reasonably none.

Utopically a few.

Theatrically all.

And the precious collaboration during the working laboratories:

Dance: Nicole Moussoux and Martine Godat

Acting: Nathanaël Harcq, Anne-Marie Loop, Guyla Molnar and Francesca Bettini, Françoise Bloch

Collaboration during the creation: Sabine Durand

Lighting design and technician for the premiere: Marc Lhommel

Costumes: Françoise Colpé

Properties, set: Agnès Limbos, Marc Lhommel, Maurice Vandenbroek, Didier Caffonnette

Poster: Daniel Daniel

Photos: Mélanie Rutten

Touring technician: Georges Marinof, Cathérine Brevers, Karl Descarreaux

Touring assistants: Sabine Durand, Antoine Blanquart


Thank you to Charlot, Tania, the village of Saint Sauver, Alain and le Monty, Isabelle and the CCBW, Jean-Claude, Christian, Jacqueline, Joachim, Samy… and all of the ugly ducklings.


Co-producers: Vélo Théâtre (Apt, FR), TrèsTôt Théâtre (Quimper, FR) and the Théâtre de la Balsamine (Brussels, BE).

Ministre des Arts, des Lettres et de l’Audio visual Prize.

Love-At-First-Sight Prize from the press,

and Special Mention by the Jury – “Thank you” to Agnès Limbos at the Festival of Huy (Rencontres Théâtre Jeune Public) in 2003

“Foreign Production” mask from the Academie québéquoise du Théâtre, Montreal, Canada in 2006 (ex-aequo with 4.48 psychoseby Sarah Kane with Isabelle Huppert).

Agenda of the show