by and with Agnès Limbos

with the precious collaboration of Françoise Bloch

première 1998

for general audiences, 8 years and older

audience capacity: 150 spectators

duration: 50 minutes

“Wherever one sees that the hunters are without scruples

That they are often armed with a knife

That this knife serves to cut, divide

That a cut always leaves a trace

That this trace does not hinder the sun from shining

That when the sun shines, hearts swell

That these hearts thus swollen have much strength

That this force can serve to be cunning

To be cunning with the hunters

Who are often armed

Armed with a knife which serves to divide…”

Support for building the set – properties and technician for the premiere: Guy Thérache

Assistant technician for the premiere: Antoine Clette

Support in the construction of the properties and sewing: Véronique Gihoul

Costumes: Françoise Colpé

Photos: Guy Thérache

Poster: Daniel Daniel

Technician: Nicolas Thill

Thank you to Didier Caffonnette, Natacha Belova, Mark Elst, Eddy Kreptowski, Anne-Marie Loop, Olindo Bolzan, Marie Kateline Rutten, Alain Moreau, Didier de Neck, Isabelle De Busschère, Samy and Joachim.


A production of the Compagnie Gare Centrale.

Thank you to the Festival des Pieds et des Mains, Genappe, BE, to A La Courte Échelle, Liège, BE, to the Centre Nerveux d’Ottignies and to the Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon.

Special Mention by the Jury Prize 1998 at the Rencontres Theatre Jeune Public, Huy

Love-at-First-Sight from the press 1998, Rencontres Theatre Jeune Public, Huy

Nominated for the Blikfelderprijs in Zurich, CH, 2000

Included in the list of Best Shows of 2021, by newspaper Expresso! At FIMFA Lx21, the popess of object theater presented “Petites Fables” at Theatro do Bairro in 3 sold out sessions, from 12 to 14 May. (Lisbonne Portugal).

Agenda of the show