by and with Agnès Limbos and Gregory Houben

premiere 2008

for general audiences, 13 and up

audience capacity: 150 spectators

duration: 65 minutes

They had planned everything…

New York, around midnight, between cigarette smoke and nocturnal mist, a just married couple embarks on a long wedding night that they dream as perfect and from Hollywood.

But the rose-coloured world turns grey when a wolf with red eyes invites itself to their table, capsizing them from the sublime to the abyss.

In this giddiness where fear becomes almost funny, they try as best as they can to find their equilibrium again for better or for worse.

In the distance, a storm rumbles.

At the table: Agnès Limbos and Gregory Houben

On trumpet: Gregory Houben

Director: Sabine Durand

Costumes: Françoise Colpé

Conception, set and properties: Agnès Limbos

Lighting design: Karl Descarreaux

Technician: Karl Descarreaux

Special effects: Nicole Eeckhout

Photo: Mélanie Rutten

Luminous object: Maria Brouillard

Thank you to Marie Kateline Rutten


Co-production: Théâtre de la Balsamine (Brussels, BE)


Agenda of the show